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When compared to their traditional print-based counterparts, electronic texts often fall far short of the mark in... see more

The Virginia Center for Digital History is one of the leading programs for online scholarship in America. In an... see more

Abstract: Blended learning can provide academic resilience in times of natural disaster, civil emergency, and crisis.... see more

As the use of web logs (blogs) becomes increasingly popular, many faculty members have incorporated them into college... see more

The Center for Teaching Excellence authored this white paper, Building from Content to Community: [Re]Thinking the... see more

A unique online parsing system that produces partial-credit scoring of students' constructed responses to mathematical... see more

In this case study of a small group of communications majors in a large university, each student was given a handheld... see more

Distance education programs are emerging globally in the form of joint ventures among higher educational institutions.... see more

Over the past five years, the emergence of interactive social media has influenced the development of learning... see more

In this paper researchers investigate the ways in which redesigning a course to be delivered in a hybrid format that... see more

In this paper, the author reports on a study of the online activity of students in a final-year unit in the Internet... see more

The purpose of this study was to examine correlates of both online classroom community and student engagement in online... see more

This paper examines students' efforts working together to solve problems and to document their solutions to those... see more

This is a brief introduction to the concept of cognitive loading, intended for instructors. There is a bried description... see more

In this paper the authors discuss a case study in which three instructors in disparate disciplines collaborate to enhance... see more

This position paper explores the statement that online teachers should disclose their gender, race, class, age, values,... see more

This paper describes an investigation into beliefs about academic integrity of faculty members who teach both online and... see more

A research project was conducted to analyze student achievement using submitted assignments for two sections of a... see more

With advances in learning management systems and online course delivery methods, teachers have a variety of options to... see more

When faced with the need to prepare students to be successful in using technology in an online class environment, faculty... see more

This case study from Stanford University's Cross-Cultural Rhetoric Project discusses innovative teaching methods used to... see more

Students enrolled in a hybrid course reported their satisfaction with course design and delivery and their perceived... see more

Abstract: Instructors striving to facilitate the building of community in online courses must make evidence-based... see more

Creativity is a key competency skill sought after by many employers. And yet, one of the major criticisms of business... see more