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This module was the third place winner of the 2011 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge. 'At the end of this module, students will... see more

This site of contains selected articles and resources that will shed light on the common yet treatable problem of... see more

This site reviews personality assessment and in particular, BTSA (Benziger Thinking Styles Assessment). Descriptions of... see more

The PEST analysis is a useful tool for understanding market growth or decline, and as such the position, potential and... see more

This resource was the third place winner in the 2013 Softchalk Lesson Challenge. 'The skills of physical assessment and... see more

This PowerPoint tutorial was developed to discuss the doctor-patient relationship.  According to the material, after... see more

This site by offers articles that address the issue of recruitment. Specific topics include Learn from the Best,... see more

This PowerPoint tutorial is designed to explain Risk Management in the Healthcare field.  According to the website: ... see more

The goal of the online tutorial, “Searching the Pharmacology Literature,” is to provide the student with the information... see more

This site from offers links to articles that provide information for those seeking to sell their small... see more

This is a short video that explains how to deal with "sharps" or "needlestick injury," which is when blood or body fluid... see more

This interactive quiz enables the student to work a puzzle to place the countries of South America. The free software can... see more

This is a sample report provided by a consulting firm. The reportment is an assessment of the health and physical factors... see more

This is a TED-Ed video that launches the "how things work" series.  Different species often depend on one another. David... see more

This is a short tutorial on how to take a patient's temperature. Information includes how to prepare to do it, how to do... see more

This site presents guidelines for selection tests and presents some typical questions that are asked. This site is for a... see more

This is a series of lessons on developing advertising slogans. The site includes the 25 key factors in developing a... see more

"As medical students approach the clinical rotations during their third and fourth years, some angst about potential... see more

This resource won the Best Undergraduate Lesson in the 2009 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge. The objectives of this lesson... see more

This is a rather lengthy tutorial on writing that was developed at Purdue University for non-Purdue personnel. There are... see more

This lesson plan examines the role and effect of NAFTA in the Mexican and US economies. Students learn how to explain the... see more

This site from contains links to articles that concern the education and training of employees. Specific topics... see more

This lesson explores trade barriers in general and t focuses on why some U.S. farmers want one specific trade barrier,... see more

This short interactive essay explores how demand curves and maximization of expected utility relate, by deriving a demand... see more