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This video was recorded at PLSC 270 - Capitalism: Success, Crisis and Reform. Professor Rae uses the case of Polaroid... see more

The LINKS Marketing Principles Simulation is a team-based, competitive marketing management simulation designed for the... see more

This site from Fast contains links to articles that concern short marketing cases.

This site was originally an online class that is no longer being offered at Monash University. This is a Principles of... see more

'Discover what marketing you are capable of doing yourself. Develop the tools and skills you'll need to plan and execute... see more

Principles of Marketing is adapted from a work produced by a publisher who has requested that they and the original... see more

Principles of Marketing Course Redesign to Include Active Experiential Learning, Student Co-Design, and A Ripped from the... see more

Immediately receive all the knowledge you need to use, make money, share, create and be an expert in the world of social... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. The book takes the need to satisfy customers as its starting point. The... see more

This is a free text-book that can be used in teaching a class on Marketing Strategy.  ISBN: 978-87-7681-643-8 The entire... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. In "The Experts Teach: Customer Care", we bring together 25 articles from... see more

n case you are not familiar with Kahoot (and probably other similar websites) it is a quiz or survey that students... see more

This entire website is devoted to the history of the design, development, and marketing of the television set. It is... see more

Brainy Betty is a highly-recommended, free. tutorial website for learning how to make awesome PowerPoint(tm)... see more

This is a short tutorial that describes the ability of a strong brand name to encourage extension or stretching.

A great site for someone to explore to see if they have covered all bases before starting a business. This site has a lot... see more

This video was recorded at Solomon seminar. In this talk we will present the personality of an Online Marketplace. This... see more

This is a PowerPoint presentation that summarizes the essentials of branding for a product. Covered during the... see more

This is an alphabetical listing of marketing and advertising terms. The definition is provided as well as related terms.

Recherche marketing en ligne is a French site set up by Jean-Philippe Galan, a PhD student at l’Institut d’Administration... see more

The course is aimed at helping students look at the entire marketing mix in light of the strategy of the firm. It is most... see more

This is a short tutorial on how to build brands. Seven main factors involved in building brands are discussed. Also... see more

This is a series of articles that concern database marketing and CRM. Written by Arthur Hughes, the articles concern a... see more

This site from contains links to articles about customer service. Specific topics include Direct Mail,... see more