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This demonstration reinforces the concept that minerals can form even at low temperatures, meaning that these processes... see more

Carbon is the basis of all organic molecules. It is also one of the most abundant elements in the universe. This video... see more

An introduction to the diverse chemistry of carbon including basic hydrocarbon nomenclature.

This resource contains reference materials on the radiocarbon dating method. Beginning with a summarization of the... see more

This radio broadcast reviews the evolution of metals since the discovery of copper in ancient times, and looks at how... see more

In this activity, students will be introduced to the concept of mineral stoichiometrics (ratios of atoms in a compound)... see more

An interesting collection of "essays" from the The Laboratory of Atomic and Solid State Physics, Cornell University.

Located in Beaufort, North Carolina, the Duke University Marine Lab offers graduate and undergraduate students the... see more

This collection of periodic tables features a variety of styles, color or black and white versions, and several levels of... see more

Biology operates at two levels: the large scale which we can see and the underlying microscopic one. This video lecture... see more

This video, distributed on YouTube by the Royal Society of Chemistry, describes the basic principles of Nuclear Magnetic... see more

This video, distributed on YouTube by the Royal Society of Chemistry, is on the basic principles of High Performance... see more

This YouTube video, created by�Southwest Center for Microsystems Education (SCME), is an animation which shows the... see more

This video, provided by the Royal Society of Chemistry and hosted on YouTube, covers the basic principles of infrared... see more

This site is packed with information related to the topic of environmental health and toxicology. There is an excellent... see more

Created by Dale Harak, Anita Salem and Paula Shorter for the Connected Curriculum Project, this is a learning modules... see more

This site contains standard definitions related to chromatography similar to treatments found in analytical chemistry... see more

This website provides a solid introduction to service learning, and includes links to a number of chemistry service... see more

This lesson introduces students to the basics of nuclear energy production. Topics include radioisotope thermoelectric... see more

This two-part activity provides an introduction to the basics of measurement (linear, mass, volume, density) and... see more

This capstone activity uses the results of the Home Energy Audit and the Home Energy Analysis activities to investigate... see more

This lesson provides an overview of basic atomic structure and the concept of radioactive decay. Topics include the... see more

This lesson provides an introduction to the use of coal as an energy source. Topics include the history of coal usage,... see more

This lesson provides an introduction to the occurrence and possible risks of household chemical products. Topics include... see more