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This site is designed to allow the user to create a family pedigree for multiple disorders.  One can print the genetic... see more

The Author's Alliance and Creative Commons have created the "Termination of Transfer" (ToT) tool that helps authors... see more

Part of the Crow Project:Collection of resources for link/exploring site for teaching social psychology for high school... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by WikiBooks.  As such, it is continually being updated.

The mission of the Virtual Tour of the Ear is to: 1. provide educational information about the ear and hearing, and 2.... see more

קטע קריאה העוסק בשפה ובמוח האנושי, מסביר על תגליותיו של פול ברוקה ועל איך למדו מדענים על עיבוד השפה במוח מתוך מחקרים... see more

Arizona State University's Center for Education Through Exploration (ETX) has received a $10.8 million grant from NASA's... see more

'MACSUG (Manual Audiometer Computer Simulator User Gizmo) is a simulated audiometer interface that provides hearing... see more

The CHILDES system is part of the TalkBank database.  The site states that "its purpose is to study the acquisition of... see more

This site has lots of goodies, including a tutorial on cochlear implants. But the best link is to demonstrations of how... see more

This tutorial is published on the University of Buffalo's Assistive Technology Training Online project site with... see more

 Mobile app to accompany course: Introduction to Communication Disorders and Differences. Contains brief summaries of... see more

'Decibel 10th turns your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch into a professional sound meter, precisely measures the sound... see more

This weblink offers a great, interactive collection of anatomical atlases. The collection features neuroanatomy as well... see more

This is a series on typical development of child language.

This site offers information on medical research including health topics, grants, institutes and MedlinePlus.

Provides information about the anatomy of the ear along with the functions of the auditory and vestibular systems.

An interactive site website that allows you to investigate the features of phonetic sounds including place, manner, and... see more

This site from the University of Iowa states that it "contains animated libraries of the phonetic sound systems of... see more

Online practice quizzes for any subject, including anatomy and phonetics.  A fun way to practice and learn the material... see more

Flash-based website used for graduate seminar in Web 2.0 applications and resources for speech language pathology. Taught... see more

This is an end-of-the-semester lab where students can practice identifying spectrograms in a multipe-choice format.  I... see more

A video which explains the result of severing the corpus callosum based off of one man's story. 

מאמר - איך עוזר לנו חוש השמיעה שלנו להסתדר בעולם? ומה עושים אלה המתקשים בשמיעה? על חוש השמיעה, מבנה האוזן שלנו, האוזניים... see more