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Northern Illinois University's outreach program teaches area students about physics. Topics included are forces and... see more

Open tube resonators of nearly identical length produce sound waves with frequencies very close together. The difference... see more

This workbook is about the reflection and refraction of light rays. It is suitable for both exploration and instruction.... see more

How do young people learn about key scientific principles and processes? There are certainly a range of ways to do this... see more

The Physics Front is a public service provided by the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT), with additional... see more

The students will be given mutiplication and division problems which they must answer. They also have the option of being... see more

This downloadable Java applet allows students to experiment with fractions by building and displaying fractions in the... see more

In this lesson students use a rule of thumb about the weight of babies to practice doubling and halving numbers. They... see more

The Institute of Physics, based in London, has created this page for teachers looking for high-quality resources to help... see more

In this demonstration, learners attempt to get a large coin through a small hole, the size of a smaller coin. Use this... see more

In this activity and demonstration about electricity and magnetism, learners observe how the current generated when one... see more

In this activity and/or demonstration, learners illustrate visually and physically that air has weight. Learners balance... see more

In this optics activity, learners examine how polarized light can reveal stress patterns in clear plastic. Learners place... see more

This application uses percentages to shade in a map of the United States. It displays ten different data sets and their... see more

This resource contains several mini-explorations using a slide projector as a light source to investigate light and the... see more

A 3 minute amateur video shows a triple beam balance in use.

Using the scientific method this simple hands on experiment is designed to verify Newton's Second Law.

This is an activity about wavelength and frequency. Using a 30 to 50 foot rope and two volunteers, learners will observe... see more

This is an activity about the Doppler effect. Learners begin by simulating the noise made by a passing siren. After... see more

In this activity, a lightbulb is placed in front of a concave mirror. The actual lightbulb is not visible to the viewer,... see more

Perform this classic inertia demonstration to illustrate the transfer of potential energy to kinetic energy. Eggs are... see more

This is an Interactive Lecture Demonstration for resolving force vectors using the suspended block demonstration... see more

It is hard to overestimate the importance of Albert Einstein's equation, "Energy equals mass times the speed of light... see more

SmartGraphs provides free, open source activities that help students learn about graphs and concepts represented in... see more