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The 15.821 and 15.822 Sequence Marketing research may be divided into methods that emphasize understanding "the customer"... see more

The purpose of 15.840 is to: Introduce key marketing ideas and phenomena. Develop students' skills in marketing analysis... see more

A 15-minute video containing the best parts of the 1984 introductory announcement of Macintosh.

This site is a collection of the 2000-2003 Clio awards. Award categories include Print, Posters/Billboards and Student... see more

A variety of tips and resources for instructors teaching the Google Online Marketing Challenge as part of their course.

This project, funded by the Duke University Endowment Library, offers a database of more than 7,000 images of... see more

This is a commercial site that enables the student to learn to write a best selling brief, create a brand, and position a... see more

A compilation and collection of classic advertising, specializing in classic autos.

The purpose of this course is to lead students in an exploration of fundamental advertising principles and the role... see more

Although this is a commercial site, and a book is offered for sale, guidelines are provided particularly for the Small... see more

This is an article that proposes to tell "how an army of admen battle to define and protect the true nature of the Jolly... see more

This is a simple online quiz that can be used with students to help them identify companies by the advertising slogans... see more

The site of this UK organisation provides a huge amount of information about UK advertising practice. This includes news,... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by Book Boon.  'Affiliate marketing is a marketing approach where other people... see more

The mission of the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center is to provide independent producers and processors with... see more

This article examines a selection of these tools. The tour makes a few observations on secondary and primary data... see more

'This free textbook is a summary of “Berliner Balanced Scorecard: The Customer Perspective”. The ‘Berliner Balanced... see more

'This free textbook is a summary of “Berliner Balanced Scorecard: The Employee Perspective”. The ‘Berliner Balanced... see more

This is a free textbook that is offered by Amazon for reading on a Kindle.  Anybody can read Kindle books—even without a... see more

BRANDS is a multi-brand, multi-market, computer-based marketing simulation. Students make decisions as Product or Brand... see more

This is a free textbook offered by BookBoon. "In this free, short textbook you can read about a simple break-even point... see more

This site contains Burma Shave slogans from 1929 to 1963. The slogans be used to demonstrate one very successful means of... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by Book Boon.  'Many businesses are using social media these days to enhance or... see more

Une application concrète du catégorie managment dans la grande distribution Française... Formation pour le Groupe Ferrero... see more