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This survey course can be used by students who are looking to take just one general overview course or by those who want... see more

This course examines James Joyce's aesthetic and artistic sensibilities through close readings of his major works,... see more

In economics, the term "labor" refers to workers. As a factor of production, labor earns wages for the services that it... see more

This course introduces the student to the study of linear algebra. Practically every modern technology relies on linear... see more

Linear Algebra is both rich in theory and full of interesting applications (from simplifying internet search algorithms... see more

A local area network (LAN) is a high-speed data network over a small physical area (i.e. an office, a building, or a... see more

Management Information Systems (MIS) is a formal discipline within business education that bridges the gap between... see more

This course serves as an introduction to working in an engineering laboratory. The student will learn to gather, analyze,... see more

Mechanics studies how forces affect bodies in motion—how, for example, a bullet is fired from a gun, or a top is set in... see more

This course introduces dynamics, a sub-branch of the general field of study known as Mechanics, through both theory and... see more

This course is designed to provide the student with a thorough understanding of the importance of money, banking, and... see more

Multivariable Calculus is an expansion of Single-Variable Calculus in that it extends single variable calculus to higher... see more

This course examines the conceptual framework of negotiations as applied to all areas of negotiation in both the public... see more

Inspired by reality-based computing from the natural world, this course covers several unconventional computational... see more

This course examines how numerical methods are used by engineers to translate the language of mathematics and physics... see more

The course presents an overview of the history and structure of modern operating systems, analyzing in detail each of the... see more

This course covers the fundamentals of operations management as they apply to both production and service-based... see more

This course begins by establishing the definitions of the basic trig functions and exploring their properties, and then... see more

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a fundamental understanding of the principles of... see more

The purpose of this course is to provide the student with a basic understanding of the principles of microeconomics --... see more

Public Finance rests at the intersection of two disciplines: Public Economics and Public Choice. Public Economics deals... see more

The study of public policy offers every citizen an understanding of the various roles played by the different branches of... see more

This course is designed to introduce the student to the rigorous examination of the real number system and the... see more

This looks at the range of drama written and performed in England and Continental Europe between roughly 1660 and 1800.... see more