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This lesson focuses on transformers as one of the most important components in any electrical system. Students engage in... see more

This lesson demonstrates the power of mass production. Students work in teams to design, construct, test, and redesign an... see more

Lesson focuses on the engineering of adaptive or assistive devices, such as prosthetic devices, wheelchairs, eyeglasses,... see more

Lesson focuses on the use of weight scales and measurement by manufacturing engineers. Teams of students are posed with... see more

Lesson focuses on how plastics of all sorts have been engineered in to everyday products over the past century, with... see more

'The Advanced Resistive Exercise Device, or ARED, is one of the exercise devices astronauts use aboard the International... see more

'Maintaining a permanent human presence on the International Space Station requires a well organized and precise life... see more

'Students will identify a direct variation, solve linear equations, and create tables based on the exercise equipment... see more

This is a Web Page for my eLearning class EDUC 528 at Texas A&M Commerce. My research was on Distance Education,... see more

'Students will examine plate tectonics, the different movements between boundaries, and the features they create.'

An all-in-one solutionfor the user of mobile devices in education.

Best of the Web Directory/Blogs is an easy way to find interesting websites not always listed by traditional search... see more

Lesson explores computer programming and the impact of computers on society. Students build and test a program to turn a... see more

Lesson focuses on how mathematic models help to solve real problems and are realized in computers. Students work in teams... see more

Lesson focuses on how binary codes function and binary applications for computer engineers. The lesson offers students an... see more

This lesson allows students to playfully understand algorithms and complexity. 

Lesson focuses on exploring how the development of search engines has revolutionized Internet. Students work in teams to... see more

Lesson focuses on algorithmic thinking and programming. Make the students aware of the beauty of simple algorithms and... see more

Lesson focuses on cloud computing, another buzz word that has come up in today’s world of computers. Though there are... see more

Lesson focuses on how software engineers design computer games and other software. Student teams work together to develop... see more

This page contains the learning outcomes and learning activities for the Generational Issues in Global Education course