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Instalacija Moodle na Windows 7 u slikama

'Gather objective data while observing teaching practices and student behavior. Nine very easy to use timer, counter,... see more

'An effective school requires an effective leader, but great principals rarely just happen. They are cultivated. This... see more

'This ASCD app allows customers who purchase e-books from our ASCD Store to easily access those purchased files on their... see more

This presentation is created using a Web 2.0 tool, Voicethread. The subject is Active Learning. This brief presentation... see more

This web page is a Review of the Evernot Application. The audience are Students, Professors, and Educators interesting to... see more

'Download Web Pages for Offline Viewing: when you are online (for example when you have a Wi-Fi connection) you can... see more

Webquest sobre: "Competencias Blandas, Genéricas y/o Calificaciones Clave para un profesional exitoso”

Varios recursos gratuitos en línea pueden ayudarnos en la búsqueda de material para nuestras clases, pero se presenta un... see more

Planificacion de actividad practica •Asignatura:  Relaciones Humanas •Aprendizaje esperado: "Identificar algunos tipos de... see more

Benjamin Franklin's and his Contribution to Education.

material interactivo que puede ser utiolizado en la sala de clases y fuera de ella con los alumnos(as), en cualquier... see more

esta pagina tiene mucha informacion relacionada con educacion y cursos por elearning que se pueden realizar totalmente... see more

establece el curso general de educacion para la evaluiacion del curriculum escolar al interior de cualquier institucion... see more

This short paper is designed for busy school administrators who know there are tools, but do not have time to research... see more

Title: Multicultural Competence in Highest Education This is a class project presentation for HIED 697.01W Hiegher... see more

תקשוב בהוראה - היבטים פדגוגיים יום הדרכה Moodle "מבוסס על האתר "הנחיות פדגוגיות Teaching ICT - pedagogical aspects Moodle... see more

Esta experiencia muestra el diseño y aplicación de una estrategia de  diagnóstico e intervención psicosocial que se... see more

Pedagogical guidelines Presentation training course lecturers Bar - Ilan University

general web page for school counselors