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This interactive lecture activity, created by Carolyn Cuff of Westminster College, motivates the need for sampling. "Why... see more

This activity, created by Webster West of Texas A&M Univesity, illustrates the convergence of long run relative frequency... see more

This visualization activity combines student data collection with the use of an applet to enhance the understanding of... see more

In this game activity, students match correlation values with plots generated by the applet. Competition in this game... see more

This group activity illustrates the concepts of size and power of a test through simulation. Students simulate binomial... see more

This activity uses student's own data to introduce bivariate relationship using hand size to predict height. Students... see more

In this activity, students learn the true nature of the chi-square and F distributions in lecture notes (PowerPoint file)... see more

Using cooperative learning methods, this activity helps students develop a better intuitive understanding of what is... see more

Using cooperative learning methods, this lesson introduces distributions for univariate data, emphasizing how... see more

In this hands-on activity, created by Dex Whittinghill of Rowan University, students count the number of chips in cookies... see more

The purpose of this activity is to enhance students' understanding of various descriptive measures. In particular, by... see more

Created by Edith Seier of East Tennessee State University, this lesson by means of a simple story and a worksheet with... see more

This activity makes use of a campus-based resource to develop a "capstone" project for a survey sampling course. Students... see more

This page, created by Michael H. Birnbaum of Fullerton University, uses Bayes' Theorem to calculate the probability of a... see more

This tutorial, by David Polson of Athabasca University, introduces 9 sources of threat to internal validity in Part 1 and... see more

This is the description and instructions for the Can You Beat Randomness? : The Lottery Game applet. It is a simulation... see more

This site provides the description and instructions for as well as the link to "The Self-Avoiding Random Walk" applet. In... see more

This website, created by Paul Trunfio and Gary McGath of Boston University's Center for Polymer Studies, provides the... see more

This is the description and instructions for the Two-Dimensional Random Walk applet. This applet, presented by Boston... see more

Created by Richard Dudley of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this lesson, Mathematical Statistics, is a... see more

Dmitry Panchenko of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is an undergraduate course in Statistics for Applications.... see more

This lesson, created by Amar Patel of the University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, introduces simple linear regression... see more

This applet, created by A.M. Garsia of the University of California - San Diego, is a probabilistic study of picking... see more

This applet is a probabilistic study of picking prizes from an unlimited supply of cereal boxes. The applet helps to... see more