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This is an audio lecture on body muscles. Students are shown various slides with detailed explanations.

A collection of information and links on diabetes.

Power Point show about the structure and function of the neuroanatomical system for light/ discriminative touch including... see more

This is a collection of tools for identifying, assessing and applying relevant evidence for better health care... see more

This site gives technical information about how the the heart works and has animated diagrams to demonstrate the... see more

An animated representation of the Krebs citric acid cycle. 2D and 3D models of all molecules involved in the cycle are... see more

This animation presents information about how a muscle contraction works and what organelles are involved in the... see more

A very good educational site. Shows excellent graphics of the fron and back of the muscular system. Shows the colred... see more

A series of short whiteboard video lectures presenting content explaining the physiology and pathophysiology of the... see more

Quizlet is a site for creating and using flash cards. This is a Web 2.0 site where users enter terms and definitions for... see more

This site provides information, images, and videos about the phenomenon of bioluminescence in a range of organisms.

Thyroid hormone synthesis is a complex process involving both intracellular and extracellular components.  This video... see more

Three dimensional NMR pictures of first trimester human embryos. For each stage you can click on a particular slice to... see more

This interactive Shockwave animation allows users to work through the process of protein synthesis. Using a computer... see more

'Epithelia are tissues consisting of closely apposed cells without intervening intercellular substances. Epithelia are... see more

This site focuses on helping students learn human anatomy. It contains instructional modules on the back, thorax,... see more

This site is part of a larger site Called "InnerBody," which is a guide to human anatomy online. This particular section... see more

This resource is a collection of histology images that are intended to help medical and graduate students learn... see more

This is an audio lecture on the nervous system. Students are shown various slides with detailed explanations.

This site will explain and tell students how to find the blind spot in each eye. It also explains why everyone has a... see more

The Motor System: Quiz Game is a Power Point show that reviews the anatomy and physiology of the motor control system... see more

This web was made by Dr Mark A. Hill, a Lecturer in the School of Anatomy, University of New South Wales, and Head of the... see more