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A marvellous Wolfram demonstration in which elemental property can be selected and then the periodic table is displayed... see more

Interactive Lesson on Charles's Law

This film examines personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect the eyes and face from hazards on the job. Examples of... see more

The Merck periodic table of the elements app provides detailed information, state-of-the-art functions and an appealing... see more

This is an online community for high school chemistry teachers to collarborate on material to utilize for various class... see more

This is a Stand Alone Instructional Resource that has students learning how to identify ionic and covalent compounds.

This is a free textbook offered by Saylor Foundation 'The overall goal of the authors with General Chemistry: Principles,... see more

This second-semester course will cover several of the tools needed to study chemistry at a more advanced level. Topics... see more

This survey chemistry course is designed to introduce students to the world of chemistry. It examines chemistry from the... see more

Cool site to learn about different elements

This film briefly considers the nature of atoms as an introduction to an educational unit on the health effects of... see more

I created this presentation on units of the metric system. It gave me an opportunity to test the program Prezi, which I... see more

Introduction to Solid State Chemistry is a one-semester college course on the principles of chemistry. This unique and... see more

Stoichiometry calculator that students can use in order to check their work on many different types of stoichiometry... see more

El sitio parte de un Proyecto Global sobre enseñanza y aprendizaje de la Química, apoyado por distintas instituciones.... see more

A StAIR presentation to help students learn about measurements and significant figures.

This is a free, online textbook offered by the CK12 Organization.  "CK-12 Chemistry covers Matter, Atomic Structure; The... see more

"This collection is a full course of material in the form of a textbook. The textbook is provided by FHSST (Free High... see more

This is an online chemistry calculator which provides many easy calculations, including one for the Ideal Gas Law, Boyles... see more

This online course comes from the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) by Carnegie Mellon. “The course includes self-guiding... see more

This online course comes from the Open Learning Initiative (OLI) by Carnegie Mellon. “The course includes self-guiding... see more

במשימה זו יחקרו התלמידים את אחד היסודות מתוך הטבלה המחזורית ע"פ קריטריונים. העבודה התבצעה במקור בבלוג שיתופי התלמיד הרצה... see more

This is a free, online textbook offered by Curriki.  "The collection has been prepared from resources contributed by... see more