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This page provides an introduction to strike-slip and oblique-slip faults, including brief written descriptions and... see more

The Southern California Eathquake Center features a variety of links to information on recent and historic earthquakes... see more

This is the home page of the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC), a consortium of universities and research... see more

This tutorial introduces novice users to reading the lines on a seismograph. Topics include how to distinguish a real... see more

This activity is designed to familiarize the learner with the concepts of strike and dip, to make further studies of... see more

The orientation and sense of slip of faults in an area is largely dependent upon the tectonic forces present in that... see more

This report summarizes the Volcano Hazards Program of the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Topics include its... see more

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) is the primary civilian mapping agency of the United States. Materials... see more

This searchable database of reports and thematic maps currently contains more than 69,000 United States Geological Survey... see more

This teacher's guide is intended to provide suggestions on how to teach about seismic waves. It provides information on... see more

In this activity, students use walking and running speeds to simulate the difference in S- and P-wave travel times, a... see more

This animation shows how P-waves (primary, or compressional, waves) travel through a Slinky toy. It is accompanied by a... see more

This United States Geological Survey (USGS) Volcano Hazards Program site contains links to selected material related to... see more

This page features a geological time scale that divides Earth's history into eras, periods, and epochs, and coordinates... see more

This is a general structural geology page where some pictures and definitions of fault blocks can be found.

This page contains a map of southern California with epicenters of earthquakes shown as circles of different sizes and... see more

This page presents vital statistics, summary of effects, and discussion of our meager knowledge about the location of the... see more

A small collection of fault gouge images from the Badwater Turtleback fault in Death Valley, California, is presented on... see more

This site, provided by the Southern California Earthquake Center, provides detailed information about the location and... see more

This radio broadcast discusses the history of magnetism from the time of its discovery by an apocryphal Greek sheperd... see more

This site describes the geology, water circulation, and significance of estuaries, profiles estuaries on different... see more

This radio broadcast features a researcher who noticed unusual behavior in elephants while working in a national park in... see more

This resource provides an overview of the distribution and occurrence of stone walls in New England. Topics include what... see more

This site provides a short introduction to fiddler crabs (Genus Uca), their worldwide distribution, biology, ecology and... see more