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In this video adapted from the ICT Center, students will learn about "the angles associated with light propagation in... see more

In this video adapted from the ICT Center, students will "learn how rise-time analysis is performed to determine the... see more

This text presents a broad survey of key topics in computational physics for advanced undergraduates and beginning... see more

In this activity about the human heart (on page 5 of the PDF), learners work in teams to simulate the volume of blood... see more

This website, created by Lindsay Marie Bartolone at Princeton University, gives astronomy teachers labs and activities... see more

This 5-minute animation portrays fluctuations in the cryosphere through observations collected from a variety of... see more

This virtual tour utilizes the geographic interactive software Google Earth to explain the scientific, engineering, and... see more

The American Association of Physics Teachers publishes a wide range of curriculum materials, books, instructor manuals,... see more

This web page, authored and curated by David P. Stern, provides a non-mathematical introduction to modern magnetometers... see more

This site presents the geophysics of the eruption and formation of geysers. The site lists the requirements for geysers... see more

This site answers several common questions about rainbows, their formation, and their appearance. Diagrams along with... see more

Beverly Lynds at the Unidata Program Center has made available the About Temperature Web Site. Lynds provided a thorough... see more

The Abrams Planetarium, located at Michigan State University, has this homepage that describes various aspects of the... see more

All About Circuits is a website that �provides a series of online textbooks covering electricity and electronics.�... see more

Using students' step length to understand the relationship between distance, speed and acceleration. Includes graphing of... see more

Students make a wheel and axle out of cardboard and a wooden dowel. It is rooled along a ramp made of parallel meter... see more

In this lab exercise, students practice correctly using measurement tools, recording data, calculating density, using... see more

Active Learning Suite (ALSuite) is a highly interactive simulation-based online learning system for SMET education and... see more

The book, Sorbjan, Z (1996):Hands-on Meteorology, published by the American Meteorological Society, is an excellent... see more

This page contains an alternative homework problem related to tailgating and the related physics. Users will be prompted... see more

Activity-Based Physics aims to sustain and enhance efforts to render introductory physics courses more effective and... see more

This activity introduces two different representations of spectra: the photographic representation, such as the rainbow,... see more

Through its extensive interactive website, educational programming, shows, exhibits, planetarium, online science,... see more

This exhibit from Exploratorium Exhibit Services simulates the formation of desert landscapes. The site provides a link... see more