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This is a tutorial about the wavelike behaviors of light.  The topics included the following: Lesson 1 - How Do We Know... see more

'This little app, with a superb oscilloscope look-and-feel, lets you experiment with different forms of Lissajous... see more

Applet and tutorial illustrating an experimental method of measuring the velocity and sound.

Moire fringes arise from interference patterns that are generated when two similar grids overlap each other. The result... see more

Theory and applet for multiple slit interference.

Physics of sound, especially concerning underwater sound.  Multimedia resources including marine mammal sounds,... see more

This tutorial explores birefringence or double refraction of light when passed through a crystal of Iceland spar.... see more

(From the author) The following movies show wave packets with various combinations of phase and group velocity. Each... see more

he prism tutorial explores how changes in the thickness and angle of incidence of a visible light beam affect how light... see more

Shows the relations between electric field, magnetic field and wave vectors when electromagnetic waves propogate through... see more

This interactive tutorial explores how changes to the incident angle and refractive index differential between two... see more

Demonstrates wave interference effects.

According to the author, "The book is devoted to asymptotic and numerical analysis of point-source radiation in 1-D... see more

This reading describes basic principles of noise control and explains how to apply the hierarchy of control of exposure... see more

Animates a vibrating string to illustrate wave function

Animates a vibrating string (combination of three modes)

A visual explanation of the Doppler effect.

This is a free, online physics textbook.  According to the site, "For students with some background in mathematics and... see more

An interesting tutorial [and applet] that explores diffraction of light through an adjustable set of double slits (or... see more

An applet demonstrating reflection and refraction of a wave striking a boundary. User defines either an s-wave or p-wave,... see more