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This course includes: Surveying the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neuronal communication. Coversion channels in... see more

This course considers molecular control of neural specification, formation of neuronal connections, construction of... see more

How genetics can add to our understanding of cognition, language, emotion, personality, and behavior. Use of gene mapping... see more

The course includes survey and special topics designed for graduate students in the brain and cognitive sciences. It... see more

This course is designed to provide an understanding of how the human brain works in health and disease, and is intended... see more

Current research on the evolution and development of cognition and affect, including intuitive physics, biology, and... see more

This course gives a mathematical introduction to neural coding and dynamics. Topics include convolution, correlation,... see more

Roles of neural plasticity in learning and memory and in development of invertebrates and mammals. An in-depth critical... see more

This course deals with the specific functions of neurons, the interactions of neurons in development, and the... see more

This course provides an introduction to important philosophical questions about the mind, specifically those that are... see more

An advanced seminar on issues of current interest in human and machine vision. Topics vary from year to year. This year,... see more

What are the circuits, mechanisms and representations that permit the recognition of a visual scene from just one glance?... see more

This course is an investigation of affective priming and creation of rigorously counterbalanced, fully computerized... see more

This course is an investigation to distinguish episodic memory, which is memory of personal events, from semantic memory,... see more

Survey and special topics designed for students in Brain and Cognitive Sciences. Emphasizes ethological studies of... see more

An introduction to computational theories of human cognition. Emphasizes questions of inductive learning and inference,... see more

Focuses on the problem of supervised learning from the perspective of modern statistical learning theory starting with... see more

This course is for upper-level graduate students who are planning careers in computational neuroscience. This course... see more

The course focuses on the problem of supervised learning within the framework of Statistical Learning Theory. It starts... see more

Life as an emergent property of networks of chemical reactions involving proteins and nucleic acids. Mathematical... see more

Introduction to the linguistic study of language pathology, concentrating on experimental approaches and theoretical... see more

Covers the major results in the study of first language acquisition concentrating on the development of linguistic... see more

This course is a seminar in real-time language comprehension. It considers models of sentence and discourse comprehension... see more

Lectures, reading, and discussion of current theory and data concerning the psychology and biology of language... see more