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This open access book examines key aspects of international cooperation to enhance nuclear safety, security, safeguards,... see more

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 10804) Also part of the Security and... see more

This Open Access book offers a synthetic reflection on the authors’ fieldwork experiences in seven countries within the... see more

This open access volume is about how to research the influence of our changing media environment. Today, there is not one... see more

This open access book examines the magnitude, causes of, and reactions to white-collar crime, based on the theories and... see more

This open access book presents the results from the second cycle of the IEA International Civic and Citizenship Education... see more

The light can be decomposed and filtered through a polarizing filter. Even the light that passes through the adhesive... see more

A simulation on the formation of shadow and dim light by an extended light source. The source can become point-like. Una... see more

is Fortnite v-bucks hack generates unlimited bucks for 100% free. Still working as of april. follow the instructions on... see more

Este avatar nos proporciona un breve resumen del proyecto planteado de la empresa Potros Company S.A.S

Children’s Development Infancy through Middle Childhood Abstract Physical, Cognitive and Socio-Emotional Growth infancy... see more

Seylan bank is the leading internet bank which offer various things to increase their popularity among the internet... see more

This is where we arrive as the best write my assignment cheap UK specialist that not only commits, but also delivers the... see more

Use this notes to study the body sytems locations on the human body.

This article serves to inform users about Respiratory Distress Syndrome in the newborn.

Freudbot is a conversational agent designed to chat in the first person about Sigmund Freud's life and theories. If you... see more

This learning object helps to learn and practice forming reported speech questions where the reporting verb is in the... see more

This learning object helps to learn and practice forming reported speech imperatives where the reporting verb is in the... see more

This open access book brings out the state of the art on how informatics-based tools are used and expected to be used in... see more

This open access book provides methods for the estimation of Biomass Water Equivalent (BEW), an essential step for... see more

This edited volume is concerned with the evolution and achievements of cooperation in research and innovation between... see more

This course will cover operation and performance of surface grinders in a machine shop lab setting.

This course is an introduction to setting up and using a lathe in a machine shop. Creating cutting tools, interpreting... see more