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Pear Deck seamlessly integrates Google Apps for Edu account, the files in Google Drive, and a teacher's Classroom... see more

Planificación de taller para procesos mecánicos 

power inductivo para alumnos de primer semestre de Gastronomía Internacional.

Presentación sobre educación a distancia

Presentación Introductoria de Calidad Virtual

I designed a presentation that would help Saline coaches promote their programs and support our athletic department.  In... see more

Research Methodology begins by defining  educational research. The steps of the research process are explained with... see more

This is an independent reading project that involves the genre of Science Fiction.  Students will chose a book of his or... see more

You can find more such study material for CBSE, ICSE and State Boards for standards 5th to 12th on for... see more

Presentación audiovisual de los Distintos Tipos de Interacción Entre Específica del Una comunidad (simbiosis) 

From the site: "The department boasts a history of collaboration between faculty and students on a variety of special... see more

Tell a story. Share your photos. Narrate in your own voice. Make presentations and share them on the Internet.

This website provides teachers with resources to use around the classroom, aswell as activities and resources to use in... see more

This will help you in a step by step fashion on how to upload photos, texting, browsing and blogging. It uses Web 2.0... see more

This is a StAIR lesson plan that I created for my MSU online class.   Target Students: Spanish 1 students Grade Levels:... see more

This is a StAIR Project that I created for my MSU online class.   Target Students: Spanish 1 students Grade Levels: 6-12.... see more

This is a StAIR lesson design to enable my level 1 Chinese learners know the commonly used sentences when they visit a... see more

Tarea de Diplomado Pedagogía en Educación Superior. Tema Aula adecuada para clases

This lesson/small unit overview that introduces how to help students not only understand how to tell time, but how to... see more

The american folklife center developed the idea of helping teachers and students with interests as far as learning more... see more

Site that analyzes the learning and teaching styles of the Baby Boomer Generation