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This video was recorded at 10. nanotehnoloŇ°ki dan 2013, Ljubljana. 18. aprila 2013, je odbor za znanost in tehnologijo,... see more

In this podcast, Professor Moriarty discusses nanotechnology, and how it has led to a convergence of the traditional... see more

In the 21st century, scientists will not only use molecules as building blocks for creating vital new technologies, but... see more

Recent demonstrations of high performance carbon nanotube field-effect transistors (CNFETs) highlight their potential for... see more

Polymers filled with nanoscale fillers (carbon nanotubes or nanoparticles) exhibit enhanced properties compared with the... see more

This tutorial will provide an overview of scanning probe microscopy (SPM) and its application towards problems in... see more

This tutorial will provide an overview of electronic structure calculations from a chemist's perspective. This will... see more

The study of the basic electron transport mechanism through molecular systems has been made accessible by fabrication... see more

Characterization of charge transport in molecular scale electronic devices has to date shown exquisite sensitivity to... see more

Nanotechnology can be defined as using materials and systems whose structures and components exhibit novel and... see more

I will review some old and some recent work on the fundamental (and not so fundamental) limits imposed by physics of... see more

Beyond CMOS, several completely new approaches to information-processing and data-storage technologies and architectures... see more

The multiple challenges presented by the problem of scaling transistor sizes are all related to the fact that transistors... see more