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What is the imaginary number i, and how is it used? This tutorial will teach you all about it.

This site contains a variety of interactive statistical applets that are useful for in-class demonstrations, homework... see more

Webtrig is a trigonometry tutorial designed for the World Wide Web. The lessons are in PDF format and require the (free)... see more

What does that look like? This tutorial start with a United States $100 dollar bill. Currently the largest U.S.... see more

Si tratta di un tutorial che spiega come realizzare in pochi minuti un sondaggio on line utilizzando le funzionalità di... see more

an interesting approach to using Math through exploration

This site contains lessons, numerous examples, videos, and practice problems for Pre-Algebra and Algebra.

Teaches what is meant by the angle between two vectors.  After learning vector addition, many students get confused when... see more

We have deveoped and provide access to an extensive, interactive self-review library covering 26 lecture modules in... see more

Interactive textbook for introductory logic courses. Topics include: (i) Boolean searching (ii) propositional logic with... see more

An Microsoft Excel worksheet that will calculate a chi square test and provide visual displays of the calculations.

Partner Only Material

cuerpos geometricos

Look up any facts you need to know!

" Lecturas Paso a Paso" This site which is also available through the online services "Centro Virtual Cervantes " of the... see more

These modules are intended to provide just-in-time instruction to students currently enrolled in a first year calculus... see more

Updated with new episodes weekly, Math TV invites students to tune into watch as mathematical problems are solved. After... see more

Learn or practice basic everyday math or complex college math.

A Taxonomy of Statistics and A Taxonomy of Parametric Statistics   will help people see the big picture.

For systems of two linear equations in two variables, this Formula Solver program walks you through the steps for finding... see more

Solving a system of two linear equations in two variables just got a little easier. This Formula Solver program will walk... see more

For systems of two linear inequalities in two variables, this Formula Solver program walk you through the steps for... see more

Social media analysis is growing area of study. In this case study, we will look at how STATISTICA Text Miner was used to... see more

The TI-73 Tutor is a multimedia tutorial created to teach any aspiring user how to master their TI-73 graphing calculator... see more

The TI-83 Plus Tutor is a multimedia tutorial created to teach any aspiring user how to master their TI-83 Plus graphing... see more