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This is video clearly explains the conversion of decimal values to binary.  A second video, Binary: converting binary to... see more

This video clearly demonstrates the conversion of binary values to decimal.  There is a partner video, Binary: converting... see more

If you are looking to make web pages and don't know where to start, try Boogie Jacks Web Depot. This site is full of... see more

Online tutorial. This tutorial has grown into a book called The Java Developer's Resource, available now from Prentice... see more

This page will help explain Case statement logic in the PEP6/7 environment. A useful page for students with only a little... see more

Codecademy provides interactive tutorials on learning how to code. The site's tutorials include ones on Javascript,... see more

This document presents the various compile and run-time errors that can occur in Java programs, explains why they occur... see more

Computational Fairy Tales includes over 70 stories that cover a range of different computer science concepts from... see more

A free online course helping educators integrate computational thinking into their curriculum

This is an individual self-paced tutorial on the basics of computer systems.

This shows how to create and run your first Java program on Eclipse IDE

Daniweb provides an online medium that pairs Information Technology questions with professionals capable of answering... see more

Learning is the ability to improve one's behaviour based on experience and represents an essential element of... see more

It gives introduction to SPIM. This page also contains details of all SPIM instruction and a variety of examples.

Ce chapitre décrit les bases de la programmation en langage DELPHI

Finding your wireless drivers - a quick classroom exercise

Presentation and structured activity that introduces students to common workflows for contributing to open-source... see more

This is a brief tutorial on creating a document using Google Docs.  It covers the basic functions of the text creation... see more

This short tutorial covers the basic functions of Google Presenter.  It is intended for users who have already created a... see more

Esse vídeo mostra como Desenvolver, compilar e executar um programa Olá Mundo em C. Os conteúdos que são apresentados no... see more

Function Point Analysis is used by a number of organizations to plan software development projects, cost software, and... see more

This is a fairly comprehensive tutorial on HTML