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An approach for integrating Gagne's Nine Events of Instruction and Keller's ARCS model into the design of online course... see more

This is an online course developed for middle school and high school teachers to extend their learning from professional... see more

Applying Learning Theories in Instructional DesignAmerican College of Education - DL5723 Andragogy Theory & ARCS Model

Article on faculty preparedness for teaching online; recommends two online self-assessment surveys

The Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series (BITS) is a training initiative to help augment (not replace) your internal... see more

A worksheet used at CSU, Chico for planning the development of an online course. Faculty use the worksheet to determine... see more

This is from the TA and Faculty Development Guide at Ohio State. Topics covered here include: Universal Design, Course... see more

Learning outcomes communicate expectations for the course content, and clarify assessment measures for both you and the... see more

These tips are designed for anyone who would like ideas about how to design and teach a course in an online environment.... see more

National Standards for Quality Online Teaching is designed to provide states, districts, online programs, and other... see more

This site on learning contracts is designed for the independent study student. It shows responsibilities in the contract,... see more

A step-by-step online tutorial that guides users to use Flash animations to enhance presentation in PowerPoint 2007. This... see more

This is a checklist for a generic syllabus at Old Dominion University. It is relatively easy to use and you could... see more

Self-assessment survey about faculty readiness to design and teach courses online

This site addresses the following issues regarding learning objectives: What Are Learning Objectives?; Writing Learning... see more

An interactive resource designed to provide comprehensive information on statewide standards and guidelines for best... see more

PPT on QOLT; includes self-assesment and overview of training

Gives a overview of the software product SnagIt, a 30 day free trial is available. This is a screen capture product that... see more

"Universal Design for Learning is a process of making course concepts accessible and skills attainable regardless of... see more

The Online Learning Consortium surveyed faculty about their training for teaching online courses. The results and... see more

' Technology has expanded the meaning of “classroom” to include any physical or virtual space for formal learning. For... see more

'How can you develop and deploy eLearning quickly, efficiently, and with positive results? Which eLearning development... see more

'Effective eLearning deliverables require more than just text and few random graphics. Good graphic design, user... see more

' Many organizations expect eLearning designers and developers to be experts in multiple forms of media, including... see more