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Vocabulary activity found in LeMonde journal.  The objective is to place the falling words into the correct category... see more

ESL listening practice. Native speakers talk and discuss topics similar to those that appear on the TOEFL and IELTS... see more

Free online verb conjugation trainer that provides quick self-tests for several languages.

The Virtual Language Centre is a resource-assisted eLearning website for studying English. The VLC is an eLearning system... see more

A new way to read and learn English, French, Dutch and Danish words

This site is meant to replicate on the Internet a means of learning words and phrases in different languages: English,... see more

This is a program designed to support learning languages. However, it can be used for just about any subject.

From CLE International, free online exercises in French. Six units of exercises on civilization, grammar, reading... see more

Hyperlinked index to interactive exercises, reading topics, grammar. explanations and practice tests. National Framework... see more

This listening comprehension activity has an introduction and 3 parts. It includes listening to simple dialogues and... see more

5 short texts plus ten questions with answers. Topics of texts include informal email discussing holiday accommodation,... see more

Vocabulary exercises on 7 topics: • Accommodation • Description of people • Description of places • Holidays • Transport... see more

50 multiple-choice questions that focus on A2 vocabulary CEFR Linguistic Competence - Vocabulary Range: Has a sufficient... see more

Explains how to turn a passive sentence into an active one, how to decide when to choose passive voice instead of active.... see more

Clip 4.53 minutes – transcript, explanations, work-sheets. CEFR linguistic competence - grammatical accuracy: Uses... see more

Clip 3.34 - transcript, explanations, worksheets. CEFR linguistic competence - grammatical accuracy: Uses reasonably... see more

Notes on use, forms and common mistakes. 10 multiple-choice questions, with answers. CEFR linguistic competence -... see more

Explanations of use, forms and common mistakes - 10 multiple-choice questions, with answers. CEFR linguistic competence -... see more

Interactive exercise, 10 multiple-choice questions with answers and explanations on use and forms. CEFR: Linguistic... see more

This item is a recording of the Bambara alphabet with each sound compared to corresponding sounds in the English... see more

From the Centre collégial de développement de matériel didactique, this award-winning site has engaging interactive... see more

Activities to stimulate conversation in French for various size groups. Instructions for activities, discussion leaders... see more

Arabalicious website for Arabic language teachers and students. Here you will find teaching resources in all four skills,... see more