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This site provides links to a series of PDF files that represent chapters of an e-text on the basics of NMR. While many... see more

The Busy Researcher's Guide to Biomolecule Chromatography is a book (available in PDF format) focused on the vendor's... see more

This website serves as a primer for understanding the fundamentals of NMR spectroscopy. Plenty of useful figures and... see more

This useful article from the journal Mass Spectrometry features a compilation of some of the more widely used terms that... see more

This site is a search engine for chromatographic and mass spectral methods in the Waters Corporation database. It... see more

The Wine / Enology - Grape Chemistry Group at Virginia Tech "exists to support the growth and development of the wine... see more

This site includes extensive information about all forms of surface analysis including detailed information on analytical... see more

This website offers educators a set of eight classical electroanalytical experiments suitable for use in a quantitative... see more

This site provides a straightforward introduction to the fundamentals of surface plasmon resonance (SPR), the genesis of... see more

This site includes a guide to troubleshooting chromatography problems, especially GC. The page also includes material on... see more

This paper, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, discusses using a problem based learning approach to analytical... see more

This site includes short lecture notes and supporting materials for a course in bioanalytical chemistry. Examples of... see more

This site provides PowerPoint slides for a lecture for a graduate-level course in NMR spectroscopy. The slides include... see more

This is a 70 page primer on analytical electrochemistry of interest to faculty, students and practitioners wanting to... see more

This lecture describes the applications of partition chromatography. The pedagogical value lies in its historical... see more

This National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)) site contains atomic spectroscopic reference data.... see more

This commercial website from Macherey-Nagel features a database with references for nearly 3000 separation applications.... see more

This experiment will demonstrate the heat that is released when iron is oxidized. Students will learn to prepare chemical... see more

This learning activity shows how "differences in composition can drastically affect the properties of balls that look... see more

This lab experiment "uses a piece of galvanized metal to quantify the loss of atoms during a chemical reaction." A piece... see more

This webpage from the U.K. Center for Materials Education provides an introduction to the use of case studies. The guide... see more

This site provides a tutorial on practical reverse phase chromatography for LC-MS. Focusing on peptide and protein... see more

This site deals specifically with sample loop injections in liquid chromatography. The animations are short (one to two... see more

This animation deals specifically with dual head LC pumping. The animations are short (one to two minutes) and can easily... see more