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This study examines 81 undergraduate students' perceptions of virtual office hours (VOHs). VOHs enable students to... see more

In this paper, the authors replicated previous work demonstrating that animating mechanical systems leads to more... see more

The purpose of this study is to explore factors affecting differences in student satisfaction between a traditional... see more

Virtual classrooms are online environments that enable students and instructors to interact as if they were face to face... see more

In recent years, Web 2.0 tools such as blogs, wikis, and podcasts have skyrocketed in the number of users. These... see more

It is widely recognized that good teaching includes instructor-student feedback, and in online courses, feedback takes a... see more

How do students prepare to succeed in an online learning environment? This research project examines the effectiveness of... see more

The practicum experience is often highlighted as the core of any pre-service teacher education course. Unless effective... see more

According to this mixed methods study, interactions with the content, peers, and instructor are important as students... see more

Faculty in the Department of Leadership and Educational Studies at Appalachian State University have utilized AETZone, a... see more

Many online courses require participation in asynchronous online discussions. While various studies aimed at measuring... see more

The authors designed new content for an online research skills course, to provide instruction and expert modeling of the... see more

A research project was conducted to analyze student achievement using submitted assignments for two sections of a... see more

This study compares two sections of the same Introduction to Music course taught at a public university in winter 2008... see more

Increasing interactions between learners and instructors is critical to help learners attain learning outcomes in online... see more

The emergence of new methods of course delivery has increased the complexity of determining a course's optimal delivery... see more

Enrollment in online courses is rapidly increasing and attrition rates remain high. This paper presents a literature... see more

Interdisciplinary learning is a form of knowledge production that is increasingly being embraced as an educational... see more

To prepare teacher candidates for the growing number of online learners they will encounter in their professional... see more

This study explores the dimensionality of college students' self-efficacy related to their academic activities in the... see more

Studies on the influence of video content on student outcomes in online courses generally reveal two consistent and... see more

With advances in learning management systems and online course delivery methods, teachers have a variety of options to... see more

Synchronous hybrid delivery, defined as a course option where mutually exclusive groups of online and on-campus students... see more