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A collection of advice about how to do research and how to communicate effectively (primarily for computer scientists).

The tutorials on this site are designed to reinforce vocabulary and spelling for beginning students of modern Hebrew.... see more

This page defines an Annotated Bibliography and instructs a student how to prepare one to evaluate research materials and... see more

"Is writing simply a gift to a few, or is it a skill we can teach? In a world of instant information, sound bites, and... see more

This is a cluster of relatively brief, active assignments that introduce students to a number of dimensions of media not... see more

A comprehensive site for practice with reading, writing, listening, pronunciation for learners of Arabic. Links to... see more

A bank of learning assignments for FLE students

A video introduction to beginning French language from the British Broadcasting Company.

This resource is designed for students in Kindergarten & 1st grade focusing on phonological awareness, particularly short... see more

This is a stand-alone intereactive Powerpoint module for reviewing tones in Mandarin.

This tutorial explains the value of taking your own notes in class and how to organize those notes.  This is part 2 of a... see more

The Portuguese language lessons of ClicaBrasil highlight aspects of Brazilian culture. They are designed for intermediate... see more

Set of 12 tutorials for a course on intercultural communication

Confucian texts with each character hyperlinked to its definition and etymology.

Learning module for the new spelling. Includes exampls, a wordlist "old/new", as well as the official rules. Download... see more

This educational web site provides over 100 free online tutorials on critical thinking, logic, scientific reasoning,... see more

This entertaining eight-minute video shows you how easy it is to commit a blunder, a gaffe, a slip-up in another culture.... see more

The materials are designed for college level students but can be used successfully at other levels. The site also... see more

The site is ideal for learning the alphabet and developing basic vocabulary around sixteen themes using a flashcard... see more

Flash games, grammar mini-quizzes and virtual Spanish speakers to teach Spanish.

(1) Original materials for learning phonetics; (2) Language and linguistics links; (3) ESL listening practice; (4) Poetry

Create puzzles in 6 easy steps then print it for use in the classroom. You can create Word Search, Crossword, Double... see more

This webpage on the Dees' Spanish for Law Enforcement and Emergency Personnel site provides invaluable dialogue... see more

The author has tested nearly every app on this list for quality and interest for K-12 students. It is important that you... see more