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As devices become a ubiquitous necessity during class, these apps can help curb mobile distractions—a plus for professors... see more

Tutor to help you understand concepts in nursing school. You tube channel:simple nursing

This resource includes information for teachers, but also for students looking for extra information about genetics. The... see more

ANA President Pam Cipriano and U of Penn nursing researcher Linda Aiken discuss the impact fatigue has on nurses’ health... see more

An excellent review of stroke by EmpoweRN. Explains ischemic and hemorrhagic strokes, diagnostics, treatments, and... see more

Resource from GW School of Nursing describing developmental stages in pediatric population.

A six minute video tutorial for nurses on the demonstration and explanation for how to start an intravenous catheter. The... see more

Nclex review for ulcerative colitis including topics such as diets, treatment, and symptoms

Objeto de Aprendizaje Sobre Conceptos Básicos para el Diagnóstico y Manejo nutricional de la intolerancia a la lactosa.... see more

Explanation of heart sounds with visual aid.  For students who learn better visually but helpful to anyone.

This video helps you to quickly remember lab values.  For people who learn visually but will help anyone.

This video really helped me interpret ABGs using the grid method.  

A great educational video that discusses Sepsis: Systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) to multiple organ... see more

Brief video on tips to prevent ventilator-associated Pneumonia.

In this segment of Secrets of the Mind, Dr. Vilayanur Ramachandran explains his research on why phantom limb pain... see more

Presentación Prezi Sobre L OS Dispositivos de la Computadora    

This brief YouTube video (2:53) from 2MinutePsychology offers an overview of the Big Five Personality Model. 

This material includes PowerPoint presentations for introductions to "Ethics" and "Conflict Resolution." They were... see more

This Channel 4 video shows three ways to factcheck fake news.

This webinar discusses fake news in terms of media literacy, and addresses gender issues throughout the presentation.

From the site: "The department boasts a history of collaboration between faculty and students on a variety of special... see more