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The Boston Public Library's Anti-Slavery collection—one of the largest and most important collections of abolitionist... see more

Here you will play an interactive game and learn how to correctly format APA or MLA citations for some of the most... see more

This is a library guide to help students and teachers find good quality apps to help them learn and teach better.  It... see more

Teaches students to discern credible online sources. Students learn to critically think about what they are reading... see more

This Content Builder guide is designed to introduce engineering students and engineers to great resources in the learning... see more

This tells about the sustainability efforts on the campus of Nashville State Community College in Nashville, Tennessee.

This document lists the 5 main elements that should be included in type of reference interaction, including both in... see more

"The MARC Code List for Countries contains a list of places and their associated two- or three-character lowercase... see more

This is a tutorial website about what MERLOT is, and how it can be used by all librarians to help transform their... see more

MakerBot center brings 3D printing to UMass Amherst Du Bois Library; connects students, community with 3D printing. 

The most comprehensive disaster plans cover the four facets of the emergency management cycle—prevention, preparedness,... see more

"It is recommended, though not required, that non-PCC member libraries follow this guide when they create or revise... see more

This is a Content Builder Website that tells how students can use MERLOT, and the MERLOTx student portal for MERLOT.  It... see more

This is a wiki for RDA questions for librarians. Sept. 21, 2012 -

Part 1 of a teacher's manual that accompanies The History Channel's special on the National World War II Memorial, "Save... see more

The second part of a teacher's manual that accompanies The History Channel's special on the National World War II... see more

"This guide provides comprehensive information about indexes used to retrieve records from WorldCat. OCLC services,... see more

This is a mobile app for android devices. Do you have a passion for cooking and baking? If so, don’t wait until you are... see more

This is a national initiative that inspires, informs, trains, and supports Canadian students working toward social... see more

This teaching tool will help teach how to use mobile apps to teach research skills. This app, Access My Library, will... see more

This article tells about what the library of the future will look like. "No longer a warehouse for barely touched tomes,... see more

A peer-reviewed open journal about libraries and politics. EveryLibrary helps secure funding for libraries at the ballot... see more

Advice to undergraduate sustainability students about whether or not to go to graduate school or work for a while first.

This report contains an analysis of campus energy and emissions data from a nationally-representative set of U.S.... see more