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This is the ESA's home website. It is an effective supplement to the immense NASA resources on the World Wide Web. By... see more

A large and growing English site, with lessons for all levels, exam practice for the Cambridge exams and TOEFL. Games to... see more

For your ESL Learner, over 10,000 links on this website...Take your time!

John's ESL Community now has over 350 activities for students of English. There are games, puzzles, self-study quizzes... see more

Welcome to the ESL Resource Page for Shelby County Schools! We hope this site will be a useful tool for all teachers. The... see more

'The universe is a big, big place. But how big? And how do we know?  Throughout history, humans have used a variety of... see more

This is an actual lesson for ESL learners from an educator in France. It has been used for high school level students but... see more

From our friends at Project First, this is an interactive lesson website that teaches us about the aurora phenomenon.

Solid website from NASA/JPL. Description is as follows: Basics of Space Flight is a tutorial designed primarily to help... see more

This site carries a large amount of information regarding clouds, aerosols and their makeup. Teachers can use this as... see more

CDE Science Standards for 7th Grade (EVOLUTION 3-2) declare that students should know the reasoning used by Charles... see more

Join the Deep Impact Mission team and solve these Mathematical Mission Challenges.

NASA's Digital Learning Network (DLN) is about connecting with the next generation of Explorers. The DLN assists in the... see more

CDE Science Standard for 8th Grade (EARTH IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM 4E) states that students must know the appearance, general... see more

A major Science standard in California for grade 6 is tectonics. This site is from NASA's Earth Observatory and it... see more

CDE Science Standards for 7th Grade (EARTH AND LIFE HISTORY 4E) state that students should know that fossils provide... see more

These activities encourage students to think about the characteristics of life and about the possibility of looking for... see more

A valuable website from NASA's Deep Space Network. GAVRT (Goldstone Apple Valley Radio Telescope) teaches students to use... see more

Fact sheets are short informative texts with graphics or photos that provide specific information without the expectation... see more

Reach out to your Hispanic students by showcasing this website. This site was created to focus on the 13 (8 astronauts, 2... see more

On April 17, 1996, NASA debuted the first learning center for high energy astronomy on the World Wide Web. They're... see more

The CDE Standards for Science-Grade 3 (EARTH SCIENCE 4B) disuss the Lunar Cycle. This is a unique site from the Bluebird... see more

Use this NASA Resource to come up with some type of math, science, language arts, or tech enhanced lesson. As an... see more