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Since the 1960’s, the California Geological Survey (CGS) has produced numerous maps that show landslide features and... see more

This site is very cool and informative. I use it for those few minutes to kill before any one of the bells that ring... see more

No one knows why Cro-Magnon man painted marvelous and astonishing paintings on rock walls, deep within caves. Paintings... see more

Students will organize notes to prepare to write one of the following types of nonfiction for their final piece:... see more

Solid website that is a great resource for country reports in my 6th grade classroom.

Use modern technology to explore the colonial times.  

Connexions is internationally focused, interdisciplinary, and grassroots organized. More than one million people from 157... see more

Interactive resource that teaches students about infra-red light.  

Wonderful site for engaging students in projects and homework. Multiple resource website. DOES require a fee (but has a... see more

Children embark on a fascinating mission to find and photograph North American endangered animals. This simulation lets... see more

This article tells the story of the death of a giant star. It is written from a historical perspective, interwoven with... see more

Students will gain an understanding of how the research goals of a scientist have constraints such as weight, cost,... see more

Students reflect on their experiences, generate questions based on their module experiences, and pinpoint specific... see more

Students examine the Image Set and write down their observations and questions. They share their impressions and... see more

Students construct an edible model of the space transportation system, or space shuttle, and use it to demonstrate a... see more

Students share and evaluate their knowledge of the International Space Station (ISS).

Students construct and launch paper rockets, and use graphs and nonstandard measurement to show how far the rockets... see more

Students will make a model of the Moons surface and consider the geologic processes and rocks of each area.

This is a middle to high school level activity. This experiment will guide students in comparing the weathering of... see more

Students will learn that satellites use a transmitter and receiver system of sending information and how a satellite... see more

Students will construct a balloon-powered rocket racer from a styrofoam tray, pins, tape, and a flexible straw, and test... see more

Students will compare the process of regolith formation on Earth and on the moon.

Use remote controlled vehicles to explore the idea of feedback loops.

Students practice uppercase letter recognition and sequencing uppercase letters in the correct order.