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Exploring Magnetism in Solar Flares is a supplemental curriculum guide for grades 8-14. It is part of a series of guides... see more

This program allows educators to borrow Meteorite samples and provides a teacher's guide with activities and a slide set... see more

A collection of 20 problems and activities that explore concepts in space science, space physics and space weather, and... see more

This is a fact sheet describing the GAVRT program. This educational program uses a 34-meter antenna for classroom radio... see more

A guide for teachers and students from grades 8-12 and undergraduates. Takes students from assumptions about gravity to a... see more

This Hubble Space Telescope image shows knots of gas surrounding a dying star in the Helix Nebula, the closest planetary... see more

'This article contains a series of kinesthetic activities, explaining and demonstrating why stars twinkle and what... see more

Galaxies are so large, and so far away, that you could never see them move just by looking -- even if you looked for a... see more

The Hubble Deep Field Academy is an online exploration that invites students to examine the Hubble Deep Field image and... see more

This suite of activities helps teachers and students to evaluate astrological claims. It includes charting the birthdays... see more

This guide is designed to provide educators with a quick reference to materials and resources that are useful for... see more

Grades 2 - 9. In this activity, students make an ice cream comet adding their own choice of "comet debris". They trade... see more

This engaging National Science Education Standards-aligned guide will provide teachers with fun Mars-related hands-on... see more

The Mars Exploration Program Website (URL is a site that has information, or may be linked to... see more

Investigate the shape of the Earth's orbit based on the apparent changing size of the Sun. Is the orbit elliptical? Is it... see more

Be the Mastermind Behind the Mission! Outwit the computer virus that has scrambled the Hubble Space Telescope's Servicing... see more

Designed as a clearinghouse and window to news and background information about the physics of the Sun-Earth Connection.... see more

Hands-on activity to introduce students to the science involved with Cassini's Radio Science Subsystem... see more

This is a spanish website. This website shows our world in the infrared light and teaches us about the benefits of... see more

Educational brief that teaches students how to identify and track planets from Earth. This activity is hands-on and... see more

This multimedia-rich information hub tracks the discovery of extrasolar planets and the NASA missions that study them,... see more

Classroom-ready and aligned with the National Science Education Standards and Project 2061 Benchmarks for Science... see more

This website shows our world in the infrared light and teaches us about the benefits of infrared technology. It includes... see more

See how a 'skyscraper's worth' of information can be shrunk to a tiny handful without losing the important stuff.... see more