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Interactive Flash animation about secondary dominant chords. Includes musical examples and exercises

Analysis of fugues and canons from the Art of the Fugue by J. S. Bach.

Brazilian batucadas recordings with a very useful feature: you can turn on and off any of the intruments, so it's very... see more

Teaches how to play the Blues on a piano or keyboard using videos that go step by step, from the most simple, to more... see more

Article about Pythagorean tuning and medieval polyphony.

An excellent and detailed introduction to pitch-class set analysis. Include examples on how to use it.

A Pitch Class Calculator. Enter the notes and it will calculate the pitch class set. It also calculates the proto-prime... see more

Music composition and notation software from Neuratron, featuring powerful handwritten music recognition.

Interactive Flash animation about augmented sixth chords. Inlcudes musical examples and exercises.

An analysis of Bach C major invention with musical examples.

Interactive online exercises: intervals, chords and scale construction, identification and ear-training, clef reading,... see more is a free website whose main feature is that users can improve their relative pitch using multiple... see more

Through the teaching of Leon Fleisher, explore issues of technique, interpretation, and performance in the four late... see more

Harmonic Analysis of Debussy's Prelude La Fille aux cheveaux de lin

Non-flash versions of the music theory and ear training exercises from (2006 MERLOT Classic Award). These... see more

Seaquence is an experiment in musical composition. Adopting a biological metaphor, you can create and combine musical... see more

An analysis of the use of the dotted eighth notes in J.S. Bach’s fugue in D mayor from the 1st book of the Well Tempered... see more

Music theory exercises and tutorials.

Portal dedicado al estudio del trombon. Metodos, tecnicas, ejercicios y ejemplos. Sirve ademas para dar a conocer las... see more