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This is a presentation software for the iPad.  Although designed for lawyers' use in courtrooms, it allows users to... see more

This is a tip sheet for first time Google Hangouts users.  It would be useful for a class setting where Google Hangouts... see more

This article traces the history of public education in America.

This is a curated collection about digital badges and their uses in education.

This is an article from 2013 about the use of badging to replace grading in high school education.

This is a white paper from Brett Bixler and Ken Layng of Penn State University. It includes a brief bibliography and a... see more

This is a pro-badging article written by Kyle Peck of Penn State University.  It addresses the need for assessment in... see more

A great primer on how badging works and how it fits into an educational framework.

A great primer on badging and its purpose.  From the website: Mozilla Open Badges are not proprietary — they use free... see more

A one page infographic that explains the value of bading in education and the workplace.  It could be useful for... see more

This brief article discusses some of the pros and cons of digital badging.  It could be a session starter at a... see more

Good overview of what digital badges are, how they work, why use them; some criticism of use and multiple resources.

From the leader in open badging, this framework is the code that runs most badging systems.  The wiki is an opportunity... see more

This slideshare was presented at the ALT-C 2012 Conference in Manchester, England by Brian Mulligan of the Institute of... see more

While the reason for the white paper is to introduce Acclaim a badging system by Pearson, the white paper's rationale... see more

This article, written in 2012 discusses the use of badges in higher education, gaming, and credentialing.  A good... see more

This is a list and explanation for the most prestigious badges one could earn at the time of publication (January, 2013).

This article is an excellent resource for learning about badging, including creating your own badges.

This is an article about the UC Davis Badge initiative by Paul Fain of Inside Higher Education.

This is a quick video on badging created by the Chicago Art Department.

This site is designed to help preservice and in-service educators develop real and virtual field trips.  It was developed... see more

Resource for teachers and students on webtools using Bloom's revised taxonomy.

This site allows users to locate clips from popular television shows and movies that are categorized by educational... see more

This project was created by the Teacher Education editorial board in a collaborative effort to learn more about digital... see more