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This site is a great discussion on Microbes. Be sure and explore!

This site is a great place to start teaching about space. Keep it simple and explore the links!

This site offers a nice start to any discussion on weather. Navigate the links and keep it simple!

This is a website that issues news stories that involve NASA and its countless missions. Eventually, there will be a... see more

Another great site to start a discussion about the Sun. Follow the links and look for more assignments in the future.

This is another solid NASA resource. Use this site to create anything that deals with our universe! Look for more to come... see more

This site is great. It is informative and very interesting. See attached assignments!

This site is the perfect start for a rock study lesson. Digital media here really brings things to life!

This is a great site to learn about the safe viewing of the sun. It has a number of hands on activities. please post any... see more

This site is a good start for the study of salt. Use Google if you need to in order to find something more user friendly.... see more

This is an effective site. It is easy to follow and will be used in many ways. Look for more assignments in the future... see more

This resource is a fairly complete examination of soil. It is full of activities like news about soil, how much soil is... see more

This is a great site for the discussion of solar energy. Be sure and follow the links throughout the site(s). Look for... see more

Use this site and its links to begin a discussion on sunspot activity. Look for more assignments for this site in the... see more

This is the Mars site! Use it because it is perfect for any lesson dealing with Mars!. Look for more in the future!

Just another sweet site by our friends at NASA. Be sure and explore the numerous links. Use this to start any discussion... see more

This site is all about weather using a cool NASA site. Be sure and follow the links. See attached lessons for 1st grade... see more

Great site to start a discussion on the ecosystem. Be sure and explore thoroughly and follow the links.

This site is a great resource to discover more about the Lunar Cycle.

This site is informative and easy to follow. I will be attaching a number of different assignments to this one.

This is a wonderful site. It is informative and easy to use. I will be posting a number of assignments to this one!


This site is great for any type of lesson on Mercury. This includes one in the Language Arts. Look for more assignments... see more

This is a wonderful site that can be used to teach students about space. It is interactive and is easy to follow. I will... see more