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Illustrates that a current can be induced by changing the area of a coil in a constant magnetic field.

create interactive jigsaw puzzles

Uses vectors to illustrate Kepler motion.

A simulation of a collection of (randomly initialized) moons, acting under the universal law of gravitation, with mass... see more

This applet shows the vibration of a discrete breather in a fcc structure diatomic crystal.

Shows the relations between electric field, magnetic field and wave vectors when electromagnetic waves propogate through... see more

Analyzes behavior of unknown circuits

Illustrates physical principles by simulating a race between two balls on different shaped tracks. Can change lower track... see more

Children's game. Swap tile s around until complete picture emerges.

Animates a vibrating string to illustrate wave function

Animates a vibrating string (combination of three modes)

Shows parse tree as it is being constructed and state in parse table.

Illustrates the schematic operation of a laser.

Simulates the CPU and memory of a model computer called ""xComputer."" The applet lets you write assembly language... see more

Lets you watch several sorting algorithms in action and measure their performance.

Lets you create Turing machines and watch as they move back and forth along a ""tape,"" reading and modifying its... see more

Lets you write and execute programs, using turtle graphics to draw pictures. and execute programs written in a simple... see more