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Defend Dissent is an introduction to cryptography paired with the social impacts of surveillance and the protective... see more

Social media and humans exist in a world of mutual influence, and humans play central roles in how this influence is... see more

Most of the students in my memoir workshops at Lehman College in the Bronx are immigrants, first generation American,... see more

“Hookup” culture remains a common practice on college campuses yet remains a taboo topic for many to understand and/or... see more

An OER research methods textbook for undergraduate courses.

This is my OER guide to very basic concepts of basic social statistics. Note that this is not designed to be a... see more

This text provides a selection of readings across a wide swath of police topics. It is designed for a second course in... see more

This textbook will be made available for free to the scholarly community as an OER criminal investigations textbook.

This text contains the heavily abridged and edited versions of important court cases centered on the Fourth Amendment.

This text contains the heavily abridged and edited versions of important court cases centered on the constitutional law... see more

This resource is intended as an easy-to-use guide for anyone who needs some quick and simple advice on quantitative... see more

The fundamental knowledge of understanding culture and teaching children from diverse backgrounds. Examination of the... see more

The book is supported by discussion of relevant theory and research in cultural sociology. Beyond Race: Cultural... see more

State Euthanasia of Life Unworthy of Life in Nazy Germany of infirm and mentally ill, totalling 70,000 humans.

There are plenty of reasons and risk factors for mental health issues in LGBTQ Youth. Read about how they develop and how... see more

Many of our heroes suffer from PTSD, substance abuse, and addiction. Learn more about how addiction affects our veterans... see more

What does it mean to be media literate in today’s world? How are we transformed by the many media infrastructures around... see more

The American Psychological Association (APA) "style provides a foundation for effective scholarly communication because... see more

Guide to how to sound the shofar

Techniques of developing a Shofar embouchure for ShofaR Sounders.

Jewish Marital Status - laws and customs

civic responsibility will save our liberties

Description of growth of political party formation in the US.