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Information about animals with skin respiration.

Everything about the lung as a respiratory organ of animals.

Information and pictures on gills as a respiratory organ of animals.

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Do animals kiss? Do they hold hands? Or hug each other?

Researchers have long wondered why a toucan’s beak is so massive. The riddle has been solved.

It is clear Interface has successfully dispelled the myth that focusing on sustainability negatively affects the bottom... see more

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. They are legally required to... see more

A University of Hawaii at Hilo student has published an anthology of climate-themed stories written by fellow classmates... see more

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Some of the most challenging decisions in coastal management stem from the relationship between people and the... see more

Due to its close linkage to changes in ocean heat content and melting land ice, global mean sea level (GMSL) is one of... see more

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The largest study of its kind shows a high prevalence of adverse childhood experiences — or ACEs — across the population,... see more

The Planetary Report is the internationally recognized flagship magazine of The Planetary Society, featuring lively... see more

How do animals protect themselves from icy temperatures in winter?

Tongues all look more or less the same? Not in the animal kingdom.

Teeth have different jobs and so come in different shapes. What kind of teeth do animals have?

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