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This UNESCO handbook for journalism education and training addresses news industry transformations, trust, information... see more

MDPI Books Library contains 600+ Open Access Books & Series/Open Access Monographs covering subjects in: Bioengineering,... see more

The 2019 National Academies report "Open Science by Design: Realizing a Vision for 21st Century Research" discusses the... see more

The goal of this book is to improve your logical-reasoning skills. These skills are also called "critical thinking... see more

Speaking of Sex examines patterns of gender inequality across a wide array of social, legal, and public policy settings.... see more

This is an Introductory Writing Course developed through the Ohio Department of Higher Education OER Innovation Grant.... see more

Jesus had a sense of humor and finding it helps us lighten up.  This short, online course published by Udemy and... see more

Create stunning HTML5 flipbooks, interactive brochures, magazines & catalogs. Upload PDF or design online. The page... see more

Online censorship is becoming an increasingly relevant topic as various actors vie for control over the free flow of... see more

Si buscas los mejores paisajes de Chile debes ir necesariamente a la Laguna Cejar, Laguna Piedra, Ojos del Salar y Laguna... see more

Compare the different roads of Santiago and choose the one that comes closest to the experience you are looking for. When... see more

Citizen Science: Open Science, Society, and Policy is an excellent review of Citizen Science that brings together some of... see more

Students build on what they learned in Comp I and practice critical reading, deepen knowledge about and how to use... see more

A noun names everything. A phrase is a small group of words that forms a meaningful unit within a clause. A noun phrase... see more

This resource is brimming with facts and details about Mali and all it had to offer! The students will learn on... see more

This resource is valuable to the learner because it presents the information in a very understandable and simplistic.... see more

Why was salt more valuable than gold to the Malian Empire? What was so precious about salt? This YouTube video depicts... see more

Ancient Civilization History is a mobile app that is an encyclopedia about world ancient civilizations.  Although this... see more