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Molecular dynamics simulation of a polymer chain. Fast computers strongly recommended, since everything calculated on... see more

Simulation of a (two-dimensional) gas of hard spheres. Shows Maxwell-Boltzmann speed distribution, and illustrates such... see more

Illustrates vectors in two dimensions, specifically concepts of components, magnitude, direction and vector addition. For... see more

Illustration of the trajectory of a Solar Sail aimed between the Sund and Earth.

An Illustration of Basic Probability

Drawing program which transforms into symmetrical repeating patterns.

Virtual Oscilloscope and learn about Lissajous figures.

Official Calculator of the Roman Empire

Vary the velocity and notice the wavelength shift ahead of and behind the source.

A geometric view of the Lorentz transformation.

Allows user to add a graph of an analytical function to a document.

Animates one or two functions of position and time, and their superposition, in separate panels inside the applet. A wide... see more

Demonstrates wave interference effects.

Interative representation of radioactive decay series: Th232, Pu241, U238, U235.

Demonstrates properties of heat flow in a 2-dimensional domain.

A Monte-Carlo simulation of a simple model of a polymer introduces the method.

Allows users to choose a planetary orbit, and then observe that the line joining the planet to the star sweeps out equal... see more

This applet shows the visible sky, in the form of a polar chart, with the sun, moon, 4 planets and 56 stars; simply enter... see more

Graphic Election Simulation. The square display uses area to show the size of a politicians ""territory"" or number of... see more

Demonstrates Correlation Coefficients in Statistics.

Java guided tour of 80 of best live webcams from around the world.

Histogram Explorer is a tool for understanding histograms and their statistics


Program which analyzes a series of events