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Unique Charitable trust Foundation, India’s most trusted online donation platform. With the help of our platform, you can... see more

Do you're thinking that it's always necessary to jot down an overview before composing a particular school paper? If you... see more

CTE Programs often rely heavily on hands-on instruction, equipment, and fieldwork; but offering these programs in online... see more

Dialogismos, the result of thorough reasoning, is a fully refereed, open-access academic journal published annually by... see more

A lesson plan on the application of the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice

A lesson plan on the application of the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice

Managing in-location experiences has never been more stressful. Those who must attract and retain customers to sustain... see more

One of your key responsibilities as a product or brand manager will be to draft a Marketing Plan. Typically these... see more

What does it mean for a market to be in "equilibrium"? This lesson puts demand and supply (introduced in previous... see more

Demand for a factor of production by a firm reflects the same inverse relationship with the factor's price as demand for... see more

This lesson will introduce some of the characteristics of monopolies and use a demand schedule to derive the demand and... see more

The law of diminishing returns is a simple, yet fundamental concept in economics. When the producer of a good wishes to... see more

Our study of market economies requires us to examine both the demand-side and the supply-side of product and resources... see more

What would you do if you showed up to class and there weren't nearly enough chairs to go around? Well, you're facing an... see more

When an activity results in a negative externality (external cost), the market outcome will not be efficient. In these... see more

Legislators often have been dissatisfied with the outcomes of free markets. The invisible hand is not good enough for... see more

This lesson supports the Market Failure and the Role of Government section of the Advanced Placement Microeconomics... see more

This ©MPI for Biophysical Chemistry microscopy image shows a bovine egg after fertilization. | Cell And Molecular Biology

Mutations, changes to the DNA code, provide the means of generating new traits that are subject to natural selection;... see more

A living organism’s traits are controlled by its genes. The fundamental rules for how genes give rise to traits and how... see more

CRISPR-Cas9 has transformed biology by providing a new tool for genome editing. This key experiment reveals how Doudna,... see more

Gel electrophoresis is a powerful technique in molecular biology that enables separation and visualization of... see more