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Java applet to demonstrate scentific notation by examining how a view changes upon magnification. From the site: "View... see more

An electronic laboratory manual for introductory physics consisting of videos (on principles and laboratory procedure) in... see more

An interactive Java quiz tool for testing a student's understanding of significant figures. A number is presented, and... see more

A unit conversion tool that also displays the cancellation of terms when performing unit conversions.

An online utility for making unit conversions between SI and the English system.

A series of tutorials on basic measurement theory, including such topics as experimental errors, measurement, accuracy... see more

An extensive resource on units. Applet calculator also available.

A shockwave discussion on the fundament units of measure.

An authoratative compilation of important physical constants.

Three categories to choose from, Fundamental Physical Constants, SI Units, and Uncertainty of Measurement Results.

Tutorial on units and measures. This is page 3 of the Physics for Beginners online tutorial (linked separately on... see more

Here is our unit converter. To find the equivalent value of any inputted values in different units, input the value of... see more

Applet and tutorial showing how to use the Vernier caliper.

This provides a summary of most of the units of measurement to be found in use around the world today (and a few of... see more

This book is an outline of selected topics for an introductory algebra and trigonometry-based physics course.

A unit conversion applet that includes a very large database of various units.

Don't just convert units, solve the entire problem using any units. DimensionEngine is an online engineering calculator... see more

Applet and tutorial on experimental error and how it is measured.

This site is designed to complement the Vernier Caliper by the same author (also available on MERLOT). Includes applet... see more

A large resource in physics education. Includes projects, links, news, physical constants, and articles.

Discussion, including tables, of the SI (MKS) system of metric units.

An explanation of the concept behind significant figures. Includes descriptions of how to use them.

This page provides access to multiple unit conversion calculators. The menu lists the categories of units available.... see more

A tutorial and applet on experimentally determining the density of a solid using a mass balance.