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The usability lab evaluation of MERLOT's Peer Reviews was conducted between February 2nd and March 21st, 2001. Five... see more

The document provides the framework for this broad humanitarian mission of MERLOT to improve higher education in... see more

Presentation to Project Directors and Editors outlining MERLOT's policy and direction with Creative Commons

This Guide is designed to support the work of institutional cross-functional teams charged with strengthening adjunct... see more

The document provides an outline of the first and second phases of MERLOT's faculty development initiative. Phase II... see more

The report describes the framework and principles for MERLOT's development of a digital marketplace that will enable... see more

There is a significant and growing need for many institutions of higher education to develop and deliver high quality... see more

The report describes the various ways MERLOT can support adjunct faculty in their use of technology effectively and... see more

The MERLOT Institutional Teaching Commons Implementation Plan for 2006-2007 provides an overview of the goals,... see more

This PowerPoint presentation provides an overview of MERLOT's peer review process, describes the parallel's between peer... see more

MERLOT and some MERLOT Partner Institutions will be contributing to the development of a portal focused on two-year... see more

A goal of MERLOT is to increase the number of faculty who successfully use the academic technology in higher education.... see more

The PowerPoint slides provide an overview of why the CSU is leading the Digital Marketplace Initiative, describes the... see more

This planning worksheet provides an example and guidelines for drafting a project summary and assessing your campus'... see more

The planning document describes the first phase of a plan for MERLOT to provide a set of services that enables the... see more

California State University and Louisanna Board of Regents are implementing programs for supporting K-12 use of... see more

The planning document describes the use cases that will guide the planning of the services and utilities to support... see more

Participants in the Workforce Development Intiative reviewed their priorities and we developed an action plan for the... see more

Version 0.9 of the MERLOT Workforce Development Project Plan describes the background, goals, drivers, phases of the... see more

This document reviews MERLOT's 15% Solution strategy to recognize and certify active MERLOT members for the... see more