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The International Journal of Engineering Business Management (IJEBM) is a peer-reviewed, open access research journal... see more

But while the fast-forward technological revolution gets all the headlines these days, something much larger is slowly... see more

Much of the information relevant to policy formulation for industrial development is held by the private sector, not by... see more

in the trilogy of D-Lab courses, D-Lab III focuses on disseminating innovations among underserved communities, especially... see more

This course focuses on financing tools and program models to support local economic development. It includes an overview... see more

Shaping markets through competition and economic regulation is at the heart of addressing the development challenges... see more

Highwire press provides a list of journals offering free online access to developing economies. Individual publishers use... see more

It is fashionable to criticize economic theory for focusing too much on rationality and ignoring the imperfect and... see more

The focus of this interactive site is the comparison between GDP and welfare. It allows the user to select and balance... see more

This is a link to a 126 page document designed in the U.K. It is a a guide to a new approach to revitalising local... see more

Econoimic Essays - The essays in this section have been written by leading scholars of American history. They provide... see more

This is a set of outlines for a variety of lectures concerning economics and its relationship with history. Although... see more

The fledgling thirteen colonies established their independence on ingenuity, the frontier, and support from France and... see more

Economic development programs in China in the period from 1978 with Deng Xiaoping's announcement of the Four... see more

articulo sobre la economía pronosticada para chile 2011

This class analyzes the theoretical and historical reasons why governments in latecomer countries have intervened with a... see more

Topics include productivity effects of health, private and social returns to education, education quality, education... see more

This course emphasizes dynamic models of growth and development. Topics covered include: migration, modernization, and... see more

This course explores the foundations of policy making in developing countries. The goal is to spell out various policy... see more

Introduction to the theories of economic growth. Topics will include basic facts of economic growth and long-run economic... see more

15.014 focuses on using case studies to investigate the macroenvironment in which firms operate. The course is divided in... see more

Next to their master all TU Delft students can specialise in sustainable development. This course is one of the... see more

This introductory course is structured to cultivate the key sensibilities necessary for effective planning practice in... see more

This course explores policy and planning for sustainable development. It critically examines concept of sustainability as... see more