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This science education booklet aims to offer a sampling of how basic chemistry and biochemistry research can spur a... see more

This compiled site contains titles and links to over 40 sites, journal articles, course and tutorial materials,... see more

This seminar will focus on three sports: swimming, cycling and running. There will be two components to the seminar:... see more

This seminar will be a scientific exploration of the food we eat and enjoy. Each week we shall have a scientific edible... see more

This interactive programme is intended as a compendium of modules on procedures in clinical chemistry. It includes cases... see more

The seminar is designed to look at the science triathlons and sports from a molecular/chemical biological point of view.... see more

The Chemistry LibreTexts library is a principal hub of the LibreTexts project, which is a multi-institutional... see more

This site is a tutorial on kidney structure and function. The diagrams are well done and correlated with the function of... see more

Prepared by scientists who themselves have excelled in chemistry despite physical disabilities and experts on disability... see more

ChemRxiv (pronounced "chem archive") is a free online submission, distribution, and archival service for unpublished... see more

Kombucha is usually obtained from the fermentation of black or green tea by a consortium of acetic acid bacteria and... see more

Lots of interactive learning resources relating to chemistry and the environmental sciences for k-12 students. Includes... see more

Introduction to Chemical Biology (Chem 128) is part of OpenChem:; This video is part of a... see more

ChemSpider is a free chemical structural database providing fast text and structure search access to over 63+ million... see more

This video was recorded at SLONANO conference, Ljubljana 2007. One of our recent research challenges has been... see more

This video was recorded at Thematic International Conference on Bio-, Nano- and Space Technologies, EU & Science Centers... see more

In this activity on page 5 of the PDF, learners compare water with artificial urine to see how urinalysis works. Learners... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Series: Fundamentals of Cancer Research. This inaugural address lays the groundwork... see more

The Chemistry LibreTexts library is a principal hub of the LibreTexts project, which is a multi-institutional... see more

MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) is an outstanding, academic, Open Access publisher with... see more

Military preventative medicine with guides ranging from biology, chemistry, to infection control, and basic field... see more

This article provides tips on dealing with the brain chemistry of being rejected by the use of affirmations.

Information and programs in toxicology, environmental health, chemistry, HIV/AIDS, disaster health, and topics relevant... see more

הרואין הוא סוג של סם ממשפחת האופיאטים - קבוצת הסמים המדכאים את הפעילות של מערכת העצבים המרכזית. על ההיסטוריה, דרכי פעולתו... see more