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In this activity, learners pretend that they are orcas and search for their "pods" using Morse code. As orcas use squeaks... see more

"Interpersonal communication in health and social care services is by its nature diverse. As a consequence, achieving... see more

El proyecto Huerto en Casa, permitira encontrarnos con la naturaleza, autoabastecernos de forma saludable

This 4-phase educational module can be offered either within a cultural competency curriculum, gastroenterology sequence,... see more

This workshop is designed to last approximately 1.5 hours and will assist faculty in facilitating discussions on race,... see more

The overall objective of this case is to provide students with an opportunity to focus on the important aspects of the... see more

Emotional Intelligence has made a significant contribution to effective leadership, becoming one of the key... see more

This activity introduces learners to wolf behavior and communication. Learners explore how wolves communicate with each... see more

This book has been designed to guide the learner through a step-by-step analysis of some of the most relevant topics of... see more

Rock the Boat is an open-access multimedia resource designed to provoke dialogue about graduate supervision relationships... see more

In this activity, some learners pretend to be wolves, while the other learners pretend to be the prey of the wolf. The... see more

The purpose of this program is to educate students on the significance of leadership and relay the concepts of leadership... see more

This course introduces incoming students in the Master in City Planning (MCP) program to the theory and history of... see more

In this era of globalization, many of us have multi- or bi-cultural, multilingual or bilingual backgrounds, and even if... see more

One of 6 learning modules created for the College Educator Development Program - a collaboration of six Ontario colleges:... see more

This is a virtual representation of a sound mixer containing pre-looped sounds of animal, insect, and environmental... see more

In this outdoor, sensory activity, learners role play as animals trying to identify their "family's" scent and locate... see more

This is a free, online Afterschool Program for students to engage in all sorts of learning after school. It is published... see more

This article explores research into cultural differences to identify those dimensions of culture that are most likely to... see more

Communication faculty member Rona Halualani (San Jose State University) discusses her experience of using Integrative... see more

We will cover fundamentals of ecology, considering Earth as an integrated dynamic system. Topics include coevolution of... see more

This video was recorded at MIT World Series: 35th Annual Breakfast (2009). Two "sisters" -- both university chiefs --... see more

This course introduces students to the conceptual, institutional, and practical foundations of information policy... see more

This video was recorded at International Conference on Advance Translation Technology for Multilingual Europe, Berlin... see more