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This first year Geography textbook takes a holistic approach to Geography by incorporating elements of physical, human... see more

Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences (EOS) offers undergraduate... see more

This site is an online supplement to a mathematics courses being taught within the University of British Columbia... see more

This is a Youtube channel for "Arts One Open" ( which is an online extension of a course... see more

This case study of a university-level course delivered by computer conferencing examined student participation and... see more

This is an online supplement designed for a calculus course taught at the University of British Columbia. The site... see more

This page from a course website has lecture notes on moral theories from J.S. Mill, Immanuel Kant, Aristotle, and more.... see more

This site includes a complete collection of historical documents and images related to a famous murder case in British... see more

We live in turbulent times. This begs the question of how the world might look once the crisis (or crises) is over. For... see more

This guide provides a structure and case study material for a computer-based course in ichthyology for upper... see more

This Java applet allows the user to visualize certain functions of complex variable. The functions considered are complex... see more

Artificial Intelligence: Foundations of Computational Agents is a book about the science of artificial intelligence (AI).... see more

This site about the Chilcotin War includes a complete collection of historical documents and images. As dawn broke on... see more

This site has links to a number of different companies' codes of ethics as well as several organizations. These examples... see more

An Interactive site that allows teachers/students to explore plate tectonics and how rocks are formed. The site offers... see more

This applet draws the graphs of functions and their Taylor polynomials at the same time. A user can enter a function and... see more

This site contains an interactive applet that shows a step-by-step graphic proof of the Pythagoras' theorem.

This is a set of lecture notes for a course called "Introduction to Philosophy," focused on value theory (ethics, social... see more

A collection of interactive Java applets designed to illustrate certain types of ordinary differential equations and... see more

A definition of plagiarism for students, with guidance and suggestions on how to avoid plagiarism. This document is... see more

Here is a demonstration of the flow of a vector field. You may choose a vector field from the pull down menu. In the... see more

Online materials for a biomathematics course. Includes computational biology exercises, activities and homework.

Thanks to ever-greater digital connectivity, interest in oral traditions has grown beyond that of researcher and research... see more