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The @ONE Project makes it easy for California Community College faculty and staff to learn about technology that will... see more

The BC Open Textbook Adaptation Guide is a practical guide to adapting or revising open textbooks using the PressBooks... see more

This book is a practical guide to adapting or creating open textbooks using the PressBooks platform. It is continually... see more

Aimed at creating laboratory and computer-based materials to support a learning environment where students take primary... see more

This resource is included as part of the Teaching Tips that can help you improve your teaching effectiveness and... see more

Quality Online Learning and Teaching (QOLT) Outcomes for Fresno State

A tool based on Chickering & Gamson's "seven principles for good practice in undergraduate education" that allows faculty... see more

This course was adopted from the City University of New York and adapted for the State University of New York. It is... see more

Great professional resources for developing and maintaining professional learning communities in schools.

This lesson was the second place winner in the 2011 SoftChalk Lesson Challenge. 'We wanted to come up with an innovative... see more

This is a free online textbook that was developed over a two year period by "a large and diverse international community... see more

This is a presentation explaining the need to use more open educational resources in the classroom as opposed to... see more

A tutorial for learning server-side scripting with PHP. Scripts can create dynamic and interactive Web pages.

"Although planning a course may seem like a relatively straightforward task, it is in reality a complex assignment. A... see more

In today's rapidly evolving society, the range and depth of information available to us is quickly growing which affects... see more

University policies on acceptable use of the Web, for staff and students.

This is a free, online book that can be downloaded in a variety of formats.  According to the author, "this book is much... see more

Open Educational Resources Learning Management System (OER LMS), an Open Source Software, that promotes and simplifies... see more

10 design elements to increase the usability your web site, but the guru of interface design.

Ten things you can, but shouldn't, do in your web pages, by the guru of interface design.

"The "top ten" design mistakes I identified in 1996 are still bad for Web usability and are still found on many websites.... see more

We are two critical pedagogues who are also faculty developers, trying to create space for conversations interrogating... see more

"Universal Design or Inclusive Design is the formation of a classroom experience that is accessible to the diverse... see more

This AIM attempts to provide instructors designing course material for use with Blackboard CE or Vista (formerly WebCT)... see more