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This is a simulation of a simple one compartment model - with inflow and outflow. It will approach an equilibrium as it... see more

This is the beginning of an inquiry lab to find the salt content of onion cells.  Throughout the lab, students will have... see more

Excellent source of dissection guides with actual photos. Great for those that could use a little help with identifying... see more

A group of learners simulates the spread of disease by trading slips of paper, one set of which has been treated with a... see more

The oxidase test is used in aiding the identification of bacteria that produce cytochrome c oxidase, an enzyme of the... see more

Physiology Interactive Laboratory software.

A description of the peppered moth example of natural selection along with a simulation

This site shows the condensation reaction involved in peptides and protein synthesis.

Partner Only Material

This is a lab sheet I made that is based off of the Photosynthesis Lab presented by Brad Williamson... see more

A java application that lets you investigate the problem of creating a phylgenetic tree. there is some explanation of the... see more

In this interactive activity, you will be a pedigree investigator. You will be investigating the Marshall family, a... see more

This is a good simulation that shows the effect of different wavelengths of light (red, blue, green, etc.) on the growth... see more

This site includes a simulator that uses a virtual potometer to show rates of transpiration.  Different plant specimens... see more

Population Growth provides 2 plots to help compare the different basic population growth models of Ecology. Multiple... see more

Populus is a software program that contains a set of population biology and evolutionary ecology simulations. Version 5.4... see more

'The companion app for the exhibition "The Power of Poison" (open through August 10, 2014) allows you to solve cases of... see more

Predator/Prey uses isocline and time series plots to explore predator/prey coupled population equations. Starting from... see more

This program simulates the generation and propagation of the action potential by solving the Hodgkin and Huxley (HH)... see more

This site provides simple and easy-to-understand interactive lessons on transcription and translation. Users are guided... see more

Online slideshow showing the basics of respiration in the human body. Asks questions throughout to get the user to be... see more

This simulation illustrates the response to selection in a quantitative trait. Users may select from several different... see more

ScaredyWorld is a version of GrassWorld, a three-level food chain which includes two species of plants, an herbivore... see more

In this activity (on pages 18-28), learners explore how the shape of seeds affects how they are dispersed by wind, birds,... see more

StarBiochem is an application that displays molecules from the Protein Data Bank ( It allows users... see more