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' The rapid advances made in the science of botany within the last few years necessitate changes in the text books in use... see more

This is a short animation of gibberellin mode of action. It walks one through reception, transduction, and response. It... see more

How do you know if an object is a plant or not? What are the major parts of a plant? Are plants living things? Student... see more

'University of Idaho (UI) Extension’s Idaho Master Gardener Program provides gardeners with opportunities to improve... see more

The site is a searchable database that allows you to locate plants, gardens and garden features

'Changing environmental condition and global population demands understanding the plant responses to hostile environment.... see more

This is a classic book in the study of botany. In this work Levison aims to create a book that allows beginners to be... see more

'First published in 1887. Asa Grey is considered the most important American botanist of the 19th century. He was the... see more

This page is part of the Texas A & M University Department of Biogy Herbarium site. It contains images of plants, native... see more

Parasitic plants are found in 19 families containing 277 genera and 4178 species. The site contains photos, taxonomic and... see more

The Science Collection brings together, in digital form, two categories of primary and secondary resources: research and... see more

Provides links, animations, and information concerning genetically altered plants. The creation, study, and regulation of... see more

To Quote the site: "Simulation of a single plant cell. In real life it would be very difficult to isolate it like this.... see more

This site is part of a larger site about Molecular Biochemistry.  This section, entitled, "Calvin Cycle - Photosynthetic... see more

AJOL offers a free document delivery service for developing countries. There is a document delivery fee for requestors... see more

This video is about the chemistry of softwood.  Learn about rings on a tree.  Learn about wood science!

The International Plant Names Index (IPNI) is a database of the names and associated basic bibliographical details of all... see more

eFlora is an online database of information about plants from different geographical regions - ranging from China to... see more

F1000Research provides an Open Science platform to publish all forms of scientific content related to life sciences and... see more

This web page was designed to teach students the  light-dependent reactions and light independent reactions of... see more

This site provides lecture notes in MS-Word and Adobe Acrobat format for General Biology, Plant Biology, Plant... see more

The collection of Galápagos materials that includes anatomical specimens, images, and papers at the UW-Madison Zoological... see more

Lesson Plan, Activity, Power Point Lecture, transpiration, transport, plants, water

This site consists of many kinds of materials on plants and provides search and downloads of lecture notes,... see more